The Humble Pie of Knowledge

  • Today, I read something. I knew it was something because with this substantial input I have a new, albeit old, discovery. But what do I do about it?
  • Does this mean what I have is recycled knowledge? It might be, to a certain extent, but the value of knowledge, recycled or pure, seems undervalued by many of us.
  • Why do we read? Why students embattle countless sleeping hours in order to study? The answers given are likely Grade compliant, we're no longer a society which seeks virtues in attaining knowledge, we're fast becoming a bunch of Grade suckers.
  • What we all fail to realize is that knowledge, is best when its essence is put into practice.
  • This attitude of churning notes and regurgitating them on the day of the exam is fast becoming a trend every corner of the globe.
  • We no longer seek knowledge for what it is. We're a bunch of grade suckers, you and I.
  • We're seeking approval of people, the praises, the hope that our mammoth of a grade would be noticed by all those who are around us.
  • What we fail to realize is that, when we continue to chase grades or be grade compliant, the longer it is our lives will be bound to constant pressure.
  • Pressure which at first seems positive, shaped and convoluted into a negative imagery of despair. The knowledge henceforth is lodged into short term mode.
  • We need to appreciate knowledge and its essence. Be proud of new things, facts and findings which we learn instead of being portentous with grades.
  • Only then will we feel the respect and the appreciation towards knowledge like never before.
  • Lest we chase the approval of others rather than self satisfaction of acquiring knowledge like never before.
  • Grades will come eventually, and when its coupled with appreciated knowledge and prayers, one could then be a fully fledgling being fulfilling his duties.
  • So lets all be students of knowledge, have virtues that epitomizes the real spirit of enlightening ourselves with the beauty of knowledge. Have a nice day  =) 


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