Antibiotics and communication skills

In the light of any controversial issue, (lets say BERSIH, PTPTN or even Mansoura socio-politics) it actually begins with a spark of an idea or a vision, from an individual or from a group of people. Behind it, lies the shadow of misinterpretation and prejudice from both supporting groups behind the issue. It seems that the value of 'Husnu zhon' (good faith) was out of the picture from the beginning. Neither groups will agree to sit down and discuss the matter rationally and objectively to find the solution, and if they even try to do so, it will be an emotional auction of hatred and may lead to an open royal rumble in the centre stage. 

Prove me wrong, and I'll treat you a full lunch set at Bakso Maha.

The main culprit for this disease, is an organism called miscommunication. It is a tiny problem but could cast a disastrous outcome, just like how streptococcus could lead to post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis in children. Leave them without antibiotics, and you'll lose the kidney. Put aside the importance of communication skills, and you'll have a chaotic society. 

Miscommunication mainly occurs when an individual or a group of people tried to deliver their idea or vision, which actually hold the potential to create a reform on the specific issue, but was poorly delivered mainly from the lack of communication skills, which at the end of the day creates a black hole of misinterpretation from the observing or opposing community.

This is where communication skill stands up as one of the most important thing in whatever you want to do in life. This includes talking to your mother in law, convincing your patient to start a new regiment of treatment, and even if we want to be a great penda'wah! which is what all of us should be as the khalifah of the world.

Therefore, I give you the first important thing that you have to know in order to master the art of communication skills - Believe in yourself! That simple. Once you have that trust, you can face anything that comes infront of you. You could even handle an impromptu speech infront of thousands of people and managed to convince them with your idea and touch their hearts with your vision. You can do it!

InsyaAllah, events and activities will come soon. I promise you. 
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Baihaqi Saharun said...

that's why prof. syed m naquib alattas emphasises the importance of etymology and the semantic field in defining any key terms for certain issues, especially for the arabic language.

not like some modernist or post-modernist who want to cut the root and abandon the etymology.
which i've heard it myself how dr.farish a.noor do the same thing, playing-manipulating the meaning of words for feminism issue.

koshary said...


If both groups have the pure understanding on the meaning of the words that they use in addressing their idea and opinion, I do believe the margin for misinterpretation will be very low. I agree with you brother!

I believe I need to put more attention on semantics from now on :)

Baihaqi Saharun said...

then, i think the "real" culprit is not "just" merely the lack of communication skill as mentioned above, but what's more important is the way/method ones understand and interpret the crucial key terms (such as liberty, freedom, truth, etc..) to reach what u say "the pure understanding".

"if" truth is bound by rhetorical technique, right gestures during speech and etc etc so that people will believe us, what makes we differ from the sophist. :p

i just want to say that we're living in a time whereby many important meanings are lost. meanings can't be anything, because it projects our worldview. :)

*saje menyebok kat sini* hihi.

koshary said...

The way someone deliver their massage is in a way simply a tool. If we have a great understanding on a matter, without the appropriate and acceptable means to deliver it, then we will not provide the essential factors needed for the listener to understand what we are telling them.

And the same goes to when we have the appropriate skills to convince people with our gestures and choices of words, without enough understanding and knowledge on the facts and idea that we are giving out, that is really something foolish, or irresponsible at the same time.

Because as we could see here, the ability to convince people, the tool is something really powerful. One may use it to spread pure understanding, while the other may use it to spread untrue facts or rumors. And both will invite a large people who will believe in what they said.

Then it sums up to three things, in my humble opinion, which is what you said brother, that pure understanding in the subject matter that we are conveying. Next is the tool; the rhetorical techniques. And lastly, the level of understanding of our audience. Are they there to listen to what we got to say and think, or are they there to emotionally refute anything that we have to offer. Which both factors before, the facts and gestures combined together, may change the mind and hearts of the people.

Then it comes to that; knowledge and skill. Just like medicine.

ni bukan menyibuk bai, cetusan pemikiran :D

aku nak invite ko sekali dalam ni kalau ada apa apa nak tulis, boleh tak? please :)

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