Talking Heads

  • As of late and as ever, everyone has something to say about every single issue that arises.
  • This is a commoner practice which is good in essence if done in the right way.
  • Now I am not saying that I know the right way,rather its a point of observation amongst peers, and what we could see manifesting around us everyday.
  • I believe in freedom of speech of course when practised in its fine right way. But it is a virulent practice that everyone is indeed threading on a very fine line.
  • If you go overboard you might find yourself akin to the evillest of perceptions and if you're not going to say anything you'd be a passive passenger on God's earth.
  • A fatal mistake that many of us seemingly commit every single day without fail is that we love to lash out criticism without any substance. It's the infamously named cheap-shots that we sometime use to get back on certain issues that doesn't bode well with our train of thoughts.

"Speaking little and listening much are virtues and signs of maturity. The desire to make oneself heard at all times is a sign of spiritual imbalance and shamelessness, even if some explain it away as a form of insanity"-Fethullah Gulen

  • We often let emotions cloud our judgement. It's the very microcosm to the ever perishable healthy discourse between two parties engaging in a beautiful collision of ideas. Not akin to demonize each other, but rather trying to find a common ground and if a disagreement arises, respect each others personal views.
  • The very art of a healthy discussion is to never allow, at any point, your emotions get in your way.
  • Yes, principals are key, but as Professor Tariq Ramadan once mentioned "Without discipline, my ego is the first jail of myself".
  • This is the thin line we're threading. Often we fall prey to our own egos, getting entrapped in our own prison of our mindset, wanting to champion a debate, the negative desire to see our counterpart fall and eat their own views up.
  • We claim to be wanting to correct or to amend the situation, but in essence our "words of wisdom" just made things worse. Unfortunately, intentions never justify the end of our means.
  • Existence of a check and balance principality is pivotal in order to ensure we do not skew off the thin line drawn over the years by our community's psychosocial aspects.
  • Nothing that I have put together in the paragraphs above have not already been playing in our very minds, it is the implementation that becomes the problem. We all know the words, the wisdom, the mechanics but what we do not know is to reach out.
  • It starts with us, change our perceived thoughts, be more flexible in taking our stand and never go astray with the principals and guidance that is drawn from the Quran and authentic Hadith.
  • Never allow ourselves to be caught in a maze of zealotry or even fanaticism, but instead always have an open mind with regards to issues happening in and around us.
  • Finally, The populous masquerade their cerebration in such a way they each think that the world envelopes around their train of thought processes. Sadly,it does not work that way. Voice your opinions with nuance and if you find it necessary to criticize, do it, constructively with compassion lingering in your very souls and minds
  • Spread peace, diffuse any form of tension that arises and educate ourselves by reading more. =) 


koshary said...

I think your last phrase summarize it all;

"Spread peace, diffuse any form of tension that arises and educate ourselves by reading more."

I do believe that, in a way, controversies, provocations, tensions, are all products of miscommunication. But having the ability to spread our idea, without going beyond the imaginary line where some people will react emotionally due to background factors and their believe is hard. Real hard.

We may say something which is true. But if society in general don't want to believe in it. Then. should we still continue to tell them or should we stop? thats the question. Somehow it comes again where I believe I need more knowledge in order to have the understanding to be able to know and say whats true, and what is not. But yet again, until when?

'People only see what they want to see'

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